Logo Design and Branding.

Your company's brand says a lot about you and is your face to your clients. A professional logo and consistent look amongst your materials helps you to get recognized. It also reassures your clients that you are serious about your message. We understand the effectiveness of a good logo and a consistent brand. We realize that a compelling, professional logo can carry your brand forward and will help your clients understand your message. We are not tied to current trends, we use simplicity and thoughtful design in creating a voice for you.

A classic, well-designed logo can be much more effective than one that relies on trendy effects and over-used graphics. We work with you to understand your company, its goals and values, and how to best promote your business to your target audience.

Package that included logo design

We don't rely on stock logos and clip art graphics when creating your logo. Our work is completely original and designed for your needs. It is uniquely yours and will not be used for other clients. We design completely in vector file format so that your logo is completely scalable. This means it can be as small as a mouse or a big as a house and it will still look crisp and clean.

Our designs are very affordable. Our basic design package for logos starts at $799, and includes:

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