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Value sizes include 2' x 4', 3' x 6', and 4' x 8'

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How Our Banners are Different

Weather resistant and strong, our full color, digital banner printing services offer a product that can be used over and over again, where many other printers don't have the capability to produce strong, outdoor materials, and offer a weaker, more temporary banner.

We print banners on our thick, double-sided, 16oz scrim. It has a smooth surface, and looks nice even up close - like at a trade show. We tape-hem the edges, and plunge in a grommet (metal-reinforced hole for hanging with ropes or hooks) every 2 feet, though oddly sized banners will result in reduced spacing.

Call or Email! We Have More Options

We can't fit all our options online, at least not yet, but if you call we can do just about anything. We can customly space grommets to your specifications, or we can remove them all together. Instead of tape-hemming, we'll gladly stitch-hem, or do neither. Mounting brackets and weighted rods are also offered to help you display your banner wherever you need.

We proudly offer an 18oz scrim -- as rigid as it gets -- tank of a banner. And if you get in touch, we can print, in vivid color, on both sides of our 16oz scrim.

Additionally, we offer a plethora of other fabrics and materials. Just contact us, and our friendly staff would love to help.

Our staff's experience and outstanding attention to detail assures that you won't be disappointed. If that's not enough, you get our Quality Guarantee with any purchase.

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More Information About Banners

Banners are often hung on the exterior of new buildings to serve as a temporary sign; one of the most common uses for outdoor vinyl banners are "Now Open" signs. Use banners to highlight events, sales, your organization, or to simply direct visitors once inside a building or large spaces such as auditoriums and gymnasiums.

If you're not feeling up to creating a banner yourself, we have an impressive design team on staff that you won't be disappointed with. They're loved and appreciated by us and all of our customers who've used them. However, if you're just looking for some tips, we've got some right here:

Banner Sizes: Distance and Readability

Size your banner properly to help you be seen. As a general rule, for every 10' (feet) away, your lettering should be 1" (inch) high. This results in an easy-to-read banner that is noticeable. The maximum readable distance is typically 3-4 times this rule. Use the following chart to help you size up your banner:

Lettering Height Best Distance Max Distance Font Size (Arial)
1" 10' 30' 72 pt
2" 20' 60' 144 pt
3" 30' 90' 216 pt
4" 40' 120' 288 pt
5" 50' 150' 360 pt
6" 60' 180' 432 pt
7" 70' 210' 504 pt
8" 80' 240' 576 pt
9" 90' 270' 648 pt
10" 100' 300' 720 pt
12" 120' 360' 864 pt
15" 150' 450' 1080 pt
20" 200' 600' 1440 pt
30" 300' 900' 2160 pt

While designing your banner

Some important things to remember while designing your banner:




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