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Brochure Printing

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More Information about Brochures

A brochure is a flat sheet of paper that has been folded to create what are called "panels." This gives the printed piece a smaller footprint, while the panels allow you to separate and organize content more efficiently. A brochure design often results in a cleaner appearance than if that same content were laid out on a flat flyer. One design consideration to keep in mind is that due to the smaller size of the panels, brochures do not lend themselves to large, complex diagrams or illustrations.

Professional Finishing

All digitally printed brochures are scored. Large volume (offset) orders printed on cover stocks are also scored. Scoring results in a perfectly clean line and prevents cover stocks from cracking along the folds. Where other printers cut corners, we create scores! This gives you a quality brochure that is perfectly folded.




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