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How Our Business Cards are Different

Premium quality at an affordable price. Since your business cards are run as a single order, we can provide you a wide selection of paper types and finishing options. Our thick 16pt, 18pt or 130# papers simply cannot be found at other online printers. Don't be caught with a flimsy, cheap-feeling business card!

An attention to detail during the entire printing process allows us to provide you with our
100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and our experienced bindery department ensures your cards are cut and finished perfectly.

More Information about Business Cards

An essential tool in running an organization or business, business cards are the staple of all printed materials. Business cards can be the first (and sometimes only) tangible link to your company that a potential customer, donor, or contact holds in his or her hands. Given directly or left behind after a meeting, business cards typically contain the following:

This information can vary based on the company's branding or design aesthetic. For instance, a company that takes a very minimalistic approach in its design and branding may choose to have very few pieces of information on its business cards. However, business cards are usually standardized throughout an organization, with little (if any) difference among its employee's cards.

The standard business card size is 3.5" wide and 2.0" tall. Some choose to adjust these dimensions slightly to help their cards stand out in a stack or pile of business cards (which can be common after a trade show or large gathering of professionals, particularly meet and greets). However, keep in mind that business card holders typically expect 3.5" x 2.0" sized cards, and deviating larger than this may result in your card being tossed out!

Finally, to further differentiate your business cards (and thus your company!), some choose to die cut, digitally spot varnish, or even foil stamp their cards. ColorPro is pleased to offer all of these finishes on all business cards.




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