The ColorPro Printing Team

Customer Relations

Bruce loves to talk baseball, history, golf, and printing--in no particular order. Ever since he learned to run a "ditto machine", he's been working with ink and paper. He studied graphic design and architecture, so he has an eye for design, and he's always on the lookout for cool new papers and fun folding techniques. He has worked with artists and museums to print at the highest level, and still knows how to save money on your next print job. He'd love to meet over a cup of coffee!
Owner and CEO

Who likes to rock the party? Amanda likes to rock the party. She may look innocent, but she is one tough number crunching machine.
Bindery Master

"Ray Ray" brings a plethora of experience to our shop. When he isn't working hard with bindery, you can probably spot him on his motorcycle. Or downloading the newest app for his iPhone.
Doug N.

Doug is one of the most skilled pressmen in the industry. From the moment he arrives, until he leaves, his press is rocking out beautiful DI jobs!
2nd Shift Supervisor & Digital Output Specialist

Promoted from within, Mike has been a valuable asset to ColorPro for several years. He is always willing to lend a hand and has become an awesome digital operator!
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